The Best Bathroom Trash Can For Your Toilet Space

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Last updated: December 9, 2017 spent 20+ hours looking through over 40 different trash cans with a capacity under 5 gallons, as well as reading numerous independent testimonials, in order to find the best bathroom trash can on the market.  Because bathrooms are typically smaller areas of your home, and the toilet area is less space from there, our choice needed to have the size, capacity, look and functionality (or usability) to be considered the “best” bathroom trash.  After narrowing down the list, we’ve chosen the Nine Stars DZT-8-1 Touchless Steel Trash Can (pictured right) as our Toile-Top Pick overall.  Its size allows the Nine Stars to fit into any space, even those tight areas around the toilet and wall or vanity.  Functionality is better than the rest and gives way to a more hygienic bathroom.  And the look is neutral enough to match the interior design of any bathroom.

Here’s a quick glance at all the bathroom trash cans we’ll be covering:
Models (Click For Details)TypeHeight/HoldRating 
Nine Stars Touchless Steel Trash CanToile-Top Pick14", 2.1 Gal4.0best bathroom trash can for toilet 1123
simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash CanCompetitor Pick14", 2.6 Gal4.6best bathroom trash can for toilet 1233
Heim Concept Step Trash CanCompetitor Pick16", 2.6 Gal4.1best bathroom trash can for toilet 1283
BINO Step Trash CanUnder-$20 Pick12", 1.6 Gal4.0best bathroom trash can for toilet 1293
WINOMO Trash Can w/ Swing LipUnder-$20 Pick12", 1.8 Gal4.7best bathroom trash can for toilet 1223
Neat-O Round Step Trash CanUnder-$20 Pick11", 1.3 Gal4.0best bathroom trash can for toilet 1203
simplehuman Round Trash CanUnder-$20 Pick12", 1.2 Gal4.3best bathroom trash can for toilet 1253 Trash CanDecorative Pick13", 3 Gal4.7best bathroom trash can for toilet 1423
Una Wastebasket Trash CanDecorative Pick10", 1.5 Gal4.3best bathroom trash can for toilet 1263
mDesign Pail WastebasketDecorative Pick12", 3.3 Gal4.0

 Our Overall Pick:

best bathroom trash cans 5892

Nine Stars DZT-8-1 Touchless Steel Trash Can

best toilet squat stools 13423

Quick-Spec List:

  • Infrared Motion Sensor
  • Soft-Closing Lid
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Fingerprint-Proof
  • Plastic Liner
  • Bag-Holding Interior Ring
  • Inexpensive

The Nine Stars DZT-8-1 is a quadruple threat in comparison to the below options.  Nine Stars is known for their trash can quality and this one has the looks, the technology, size and price to be the all-around champion.  Obviously that’s why it’s here on the list.  The DZT-8-1 at 14 inches tall is just above the median height on our list.  It’s around 7 inches in its depth, which is the average depth of most of the trash cans here.  The opened lid adds another approximately 6 inches atop the 14-inch height.  If you’re not putting this in an open area, say around your toilet (wink wink), then you should be mindful of the clearance needed. Speaking of the lid, it seals well and is powered by 4 D batteries, which are not included.  Having a lid that opens and closes automatically is great for keeping your hands off the bathroom trash can by your toilet.  But if an automatic-opening trash can lid doesn’t get the job done for you, perhaps one of our next two competition picks will.

Competitor Picks:

best bathroom trash can 852

simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can

best toilet squat stools 432432

Our competition picks, to us, are just a step down from the Nine Stars model as being the best bathroom trash cans.  While they compete in most of the major categories, they lose point on our scale due to price and functionality.  The price of the simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can places it into the luxury range of our price scale.  But that doesn’t mean it’s costly without having any benefits.  The step has a nice pressure to it so that the lids don’t whip open like a Ghostbusters’ ghost trap.  The lids then slowly fall to avoid any unnecessary ‘clanking’.  The step is also good for over 150,000 steps, which will outlast any of the other steps on our list.  Back to the lids, having the split doors is great for lower clearances and although you’d like not put this under your sink (like the Nine Stars) you don’t want to worry about your over the toilet shelf or anything comparable either.  For a premium toilet trash can, the simplehuman is a premium option.

See what others have said:

  • Fox Valley Spender: “LOVE IT, and we are able to use those plastic grocery bags that we get when we are shopping.”
  • Dizeyner: “I purchased for the bathroom to keep those ‘girly odorous items’ from smelling up the bathroom. works like a dream. AND it looks way better than some open trash can”
  • Carol: “These trash cans look nice and are the perfect size to tuck in tight places. Because the lids are the butterfly type, they don’t flip up too high.”


best bathroom trash can 5231

Heim Concept Step Trash Can

best toilet squat stools 1323

Our next competitor bathroom trash is reminiscent of the simplehuman, obviously in a different design.  We liked the Heim Concept Step Trash Can over similar style trash cans because it’s well-built and has a slow-closing lid.  Yes, the slow-closing lid was lobbied for heavily by our reviewers because of some early-morning trash tossers–significant others who keep their partners awake in the morning with a metal-clapping can lid.  So that is, as our reviewers say, a big deal.  The Heim Concept bathroom trash can also has a removable inner bucket for wrapping trash bags around and a convenient fold-down carrying handle.  This is nice for easily moving the can around or for easily emptying it’s contents.  The brushed stainless steel is fingerprint proof and will fit in your office, kitchen and yes, around your toilet.  Use with a 4-gallon trash bag and you’re good to go!

See what others have said:

  • Melinda V: “The thing I like most, though, is the tiny foot peddle that lifts the lid…and the way the lid drifts quietly back down. No slamming! No loud noise in the middle of the night! And no cat rifling through the trash! Score!”
  • L. Vaughey: “Neat, fits narrow space. Two bonuses: the inside liner is easy to remove and empty and is washable; and the soft close is so very nice.”
  • Ruth H: “This is a great product. After my first purchase, I have bought 2 more. I like this trash can because it does not bump and nick the wall when I open it unlike the ones which have been replaced”

The Under-$20 Picks:

best bathroom trash can 25346

BINO Step Trash Can

best toilet squat stools 1342

Kicking off our “Under-$20 Picks” is the BINO Step Trash Can.  BINO (pronounced “bee-no”) offers a myriad of different products and this step trash can is certainly a nice one.  We like this as a pick because it’s small, it’s going to gel into most bathrooms, and it still has a nice step opener.   For under $20, you can get a quality trash can that is compact and more functional than our other basic picks.  The model pictured is obviously in white but the can is also available in stainless steel.  Overall, this basic bathroom trash can is well worth the price!

See what others have said:

  • Baseball Mom: “Great little trash can. It’s compact and low key if you want a trash can that doesn’t scream ‘TRASH CAN’.”
  • Marisa B: “I bought this to keep my dog out of the bathroom trash – works like a charm!”
  • Dark Western: “Some people have mentioned the flimsiness of this product…I don’t see it as an issue, as you aren’t really knocking this thing around, and if you are, you’re doing it wrong.”


best bathroom trash can 65346

WINOMO Trash Can w/ Swing Lip

best toilet squat stools 1343

Here we finally have a new design hitting our list of the best bathroom trash cans.  This bathroom trash can from WINOMO has a beautiful design and a nice swinging lip on top to seal in trash and odors.  As our second “Under-$20 Pick,” the WINOMO is durable and has a very straightforward function.  The top lid holds the trash bag in place and once the lid is hitting your garbage, it’s time to swap out the bags.  Keep this can on your radar!

See what others have said:

  • Mayra: “Very impressed with my purchase and I love the trash bags that are included with bathroom basket.”
  • Ella: “Exactly what I was expecting, i like the swing top which hides the trash. I also like the bags that come with it.”
  • S Brett: “I did a lot of searching to find a small trash bin with a lid for the small space next to my toilet. This was exactly what I needed and it looks great.”


best bathroom trash can 6778

Neat-O by Hopeful Round Step Trash Can

best toilet squat stools 5423

Much like the BINO step trash can, the Neat-O by Hopeful Round Step Trash Can is a quality bathroom step trash can under $20.  Available in black or white, this little can looks fantastic.  Not only that, but it’s got a quality build about it.  The step is great and doesn’t seem to flip open too aggressively.  On top you’ll see it has a convenient carrying handle, in case this isn’t something solely meant for your toilet area.  The inner bucket is removable for easy disposal.  Or you can line it with trash cans if you like.

See what others have said:

  • joan: “Nice product at a great price. Arrived early in perfect condition, all wrapped in plastic inside the shipping box. Fits well in the space.”
  • Barbara: “I was looking for a dog proof garbage can for the bathroom and this is perfect. It is small and the there is a plastic garbage can with a handle inside the powder blue can so it is easy to empty. I would recommend this garbage can.”
  • Joanne: “SUPER! Exactly like the Expensive one I purchased a decade ago from BBB for $25, only this one has Color.”


best bathroom trash can 58345b

simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can

best toilet squat stools 13673

As you can see, simplehuman is back on our list of the best bathroom trash can models.  This time, they crack into our “Under-$20 Picks” with their Mini Round Trash Can.  One of our reviewers actually owns this model of trash can and is thrilled with the value of the trash can.  He’s had it for over 3 years without any problems.  For under $20, he’s certainly gotten his money’s worth.  This can is a 1.2 gallon can be easily lined with grocery plastic bags thanks to its removable hard-plastic inner bucket.  The step is also strong and stable.  It doesn’t feel like a small trash can when you step on it.  To go with simplehuman’s 10-year guarantee, we’d say this is a great option under $20.

See what others have said:

  • Hsun: “Very good quality. I was impressed how well they packaged these trash cans, yes, that’s correct, I ordered 2.”
  • TechTurk: “Perfect for diaper disposal. Fits plastic bags from the grocery store perfectly, opens and closes perfectly. Plastic liner shell pulls out for easy cleaning and gives a place to tuck back edges of bags.”
  • Elaine: “I have a very small space to put a trash can in my bathroom. This can fits perfectly.”

The Decorative Picks:

best bathroom trash can 7542 Trash Can

best toilet squat stools 13823

For our more decorative choices, we’re starting with the Trash Can.  Ranging in three colors (blue, green, and pink), we find this trash can bring a delicate look to an often ugly object.  The can is 13″ tall and 8″ wide at max thanks to the convenient handles on the side.  It’s lightweight and securely holds a 4 gallon plastic bag, or a grocery bag, in place.  The beautiful coloration is the real selling point with this trash can but the permanent design on the side is also gorgeous!  We highly recommend this simple and decorative trash can!

See what others have said:

  • ecw: “I was very impressed of how good looking the trash can is and the trash can is made in a high good quality of plastic. The trash can is very sturdy and durable. I love the lid is perfectly fit and close tightly.”
  • Lucycat: “I never knew it was possible for a trash bin to be so cute!”
  • BDS: “Perfect size between cabinet and toilet. Had to have some the dog won’t get into.”


best bathroom trash can 7458654

Una Wastebasket Trash Can

best toilet squat stools 765

The Una Wastebasket Trash Can from InterDesign is a one-size-fits-all bathroom trash can but not as much in its size–rather, its color.  This trash can comes in over 10 different colors which means there is a perfect color for every bathroom and toilet.  But size isn’t something to look over because the Una wastebasket is available in 10-inch and 12-inch heights.  The plastic is durable and won’t have a problem with whatever you’re tossing into it.  Pro tip: this can also double as a storage container or bin.

See what others have said:

  • Cannon Family: “I love this can. It fits perfectly between my toilet and the shower in my small apartment bathroom. It’s cute and the color is exactly as shown. I like to reuse grocery bags for my bathroom cans and they fit perfectly.”
  • T Hockman: “I have two of these: One is squished between my dryer and the wall (perfect size for that). I use it to throw in lint and any crap I find in pockets. The other one of these is in my bathroom between the toilet and sink. Again, perfect size for a small bathroom.”
  • Anonymous: “This white trash can is rather nice, it fits my bathroom vanity much better than the square trash bin that was in there previously as this piece can slide neatly along the side between the sink drain pipe and the vanity wall much nicer.”


 best bathroom trash can 892573243

mDesign Pail Wastebasket

best toilet squat stools 765

Our final decorative pick and final pick on our list of the best bathroom trash cans is an adorable idea from MetroDecor. The mDesign Pail Wastebasket is interesting and screams retro as a bathroom trash can.  The trash can is available in 4 different colors and measures just under 12 inches tall.  Look for bathroom trash can ideas like this and more as you expand on your toilet space.

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