The Best Bidet Toilet Seat Attachments

Last updated: April 19, 2017 The most hygiene friendly way to use the toilet is to clean yourself with a bidet, or in this case the best bidet toilet seat attachment, following your usage.

While not popular in all countries, bidet purchases remain steady across the board and with good reason.  Bidets are single-handedly the best way to ensure the cleanliest toilet use for users.  You’ll feel more refreshed and cleaner than you ever have before following the use of a bidet.  But us in the West, specifically Americans, have yet to really catch on.

Many cry, “they’re so expensive!!!!1!!1!!”  Well if you consider these best bidet toilet seat attachment options you can have one in your home for a price that might surprise you.

Yes, you can get bidet toilet seat attachment for a fraction of the price in comparison to toilet seat bidets,  This makes them much more appealing for those curious to try one.  If this investment doesn’t work out, it’s not like you’re not on the hook for A) the cost remodeling your bathroom to add a traditional bidet or B) the $150+ that it costs for a bidet toilet seat.

Here are some of the best bidet toilet seat attachment models we recommend.  You can also click here to see in depth reviews of various bidet attachments.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Options:

Model (Click For Details)Wash TypesWarm Water?Rating 
Astor Bidet CB-1000Rear OnlyNo4.6
Zen Bidet Z-300Front/RearNo4.6
Luxe Bidet Neo 320Front/RearYes4.5
Bio Bidet ELITE3Front/RearNo4.5
Superior Bidet SupremeFront/RearYes4.6
Bidet BossFront/RearYes3.9
Jumbl BI-003Front/RearYes4.2
Joy Bidet C-1Rear OnlyNo4.7
Brondell FS-10Rear OnlyNo4.3
Bidet4Me MB-2000Front/RearYes4.0

= Editors Choice

Why use a bidet?


A no brainer here.  There is no question that washing away fecal matter with water is better than smearing it in the same spot, especially for those prone to health issues related to fecal matter stuck to your rear.

Two questions for you the reader, at what point does fecal matter remnants left from toilet paper become unsanitary?  If that were any other part of your body, would you wipe it away with a dry piece of tissue?

I don’t think I need to answer but you get the point.  Add that to the constant friction on your bottom and we get to another level of hygiene, health, and comfort.

Bidets and bidet attachments are easily more hygienic than standard toilet paper.


The amount of toilet paper you can save with a bidet toilet seat attachment is quite remarkable.  After using your bidet, all that is needed is a simple pat dry with some toilet paper.

No need to wipe…and wipe and wipe and wipe.  I think we’ve all had those instances of the never-ending wipe.  Instead, you use a fraction of the TP from the aforementioned method.  That’s also a lot less wear and tear on your rear.

How about the packaging that TP comes in as well?  All that plastic consumption can be reduced by adding a bidet to your home toilet.  Heck, you’ll even be saving paper with the toilet paper roll itself.  The TP cardboard roll is always wasted so any reduction here is a big benefit to savings and the environment.

Monetary Savings

Speaking of toilet paper, the amount you can save on toilet paper alone is worth the cost of a bidet over the course of its lifetime.  Any bidet toilet seat attachment can save you hundreds on toilet paper expense while costing well below $100.  Once the fecal matter is washed away, it’s a simple wipe and you’re all set.  The extra cash is well worth the bidet by itself, let alone the extra positives that come into play.

Toilet Maintenance

Another area of savings is that your toilet’s risk of clogging goes way down with the use of a bidet.  Without the need to use copious amounts of TP if you’re having a rough go, the chance of your toilet receiving a drain-clogging dose of toilet paper is slim to none.  No more needing to wipe and wipe without uncertainty of if your toilet will handle it.

If your home is connected to a city sewer system or a bad septic tank, you also help prevent any mishaps here.  Anyone dealing with poor waste plumbing should absolutely keep a bidet in mind.


I mean, how much more sophisticated can a toilet get with a bidet on it?  A dedication to cleanliness on that level is certainly something we can respect and welcome the opportunity to do so.  We would say it’s the number one way to feel as clean as possible, even more so than a shower sometimes.  And cleanliness is close to godliness, right?

Why you won’t use a bidet?

Listen, I get it.  It’s weird and uncustomary.  If you’re an American, you’re likely to have little or no experience with a bidet toilet seat attachment.  It’s just not ingrained in the culture–yet.  Go look up any YouTube video of someone using a bidet for the first time.  Nearly all of them say it’s a positive experience overall and some even say they’ll never go back!

If people didn’t love bidets, they wouldn’t be so popular around the world.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Water Pressure Adjustment

This is a standard feature on most of the best bidet toilet seat attachment models on the market.  Even the most basic bidets have one feature and that is to adjust the water pressure.  Not everyone is the same, especially first time bidet users.  In order to give first timers and more welcoming sense to use the bidet, water pressure adjustment is a no-brainer.

Typical water adjustment knobs will be a low to high with a soft adjustment between each measurement.  This means that at 75% rotation, the water is at 75% of max pressure.  If you want to imagine how this works, think of a dam slowly opening it’s doors open.  The water flows through the bidet’s valve at the “opening” amount you provide on the adjustment panel.

Hot/Cold Water

Now this is a feature that doesn’t come standard on bidet attachments.  Most of the best bidet attachments on the market should have this feature but look closely if this is something you’re focusing on in your search.

The lower end, cheaper bidets likely won’t have this option and warm water can definitely be a more pleasant experience, that’s for sure.

Bidets seats, now that’s another topic we’ll get to in another review.

Most of the bidet toilet seat attachment options on the market that have a warm water feature will need to be hooked up to your hot water source in your bathroom.  This means that logistics will become an issue if your hot water supply and toilet are not close to one another.  Bidet attachments have no way of heating any inbound water so it must enter warm in the first place.  From there, the user can mix the hot/cold water to their desired level.

If a warm water bidet attachment won’t work in your situation, you can always check out bidet seats which have heating capabilities within them.  Bidet seats come in a few forms that allow a warm water option without needing a warm water hookup.

Posterior and Frontal Cleaning Modebest bidet toilet seat attachment

The modern-day best bidet toilet seat attachment options are made for one thing–the posterior.  So they’re all going to have one.  But one feature that is not so common among the bidet attachments is feminine or front cleaning mode.

As you can imagine, the feminine or frontal cleaning mode only does one thing different.  Its jet is tilted forward slightly to easily cleanse the feminine area.

Bidet attachments that has front cleaning mode will definitely highlight the feature.  If not, you can look at the control area of the bidet attachment and it should be obvious.

As you can see to the right, the middle knob controls “front” to the left and “rear” to the right.  This particular bidet (Superior Bidet Supreme) also has the hot and cold water controls as well as the nozzle cleaning mode.  

Which leads us to our next pointer.


This feature goes hand-in-hand with the pressure adjustment on any bidet attachment–it comes standard on nearly all bidets and bidet attachments.  If the bidet you’re looking at doesn’t come with a self-cleaning mode, run and do it quickly.  That’s not a product you want to get your hands on, literally.

The self-cleaning mode keeps the best bidet toilet seat attachment nozzles as clean as the can until a thorough clean is necessary.  Some bidets use cold water only to self-clean, and others use only hot water.  Everything else is in between.

Power Source Need

None.  If you’re getting the best bidet toilet seat attachment, there should be no electricity required.

best bidet toilet seat attachment t adapter

Luxe Metal T-adapter with Shut-off Valve

All the pressure of the water comes from the water supply tube.  From there, you are simply opening valves which transfer the water in the appropriate manner.

Some bidet seats may need a power source, but your bidet attachment should not.

Final Note and Upgrade Tip

The last thing you may want to consider, along with your bidet attachment, is a metal T-adapter.  Most of the bidet attachments come with a T-adapter but it is normally plastic.

Do yourself a favor and get a metal T-adapter outright and you won’t regret it.  This will give you a securer feeling about connection of your water supply, bidet, and toilet tank.

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