Best Living Monaco Bathroom Etagere Review

Best Living has put together a great offering with its Monaco Bathroom Etagere.  Best Living has a great reputation for its bathroom and home furnishes and should not be overlooked in anything they do.  That especially rings true with the Monaco Bathroom Etagere.  This is a sharp piece and is a complete quality etagere.  We’ll go through our usual points to see what makes it a top-notch selection among the others we’ve looked at before.

Buying Points


The frame and legs of the Monaco Bathroom Etagere are metal and finished in oil-rubbed bronze.  That bronze finish (also available in brushed titanium) gives the Best Living-offering an incredibly sharp look, great for any contemporary bathroom design.  It can certainly fit any bathroom though.

The shelves are also a nice touch on this etagere.  The shelves are made with tempered glass, which adds a level of class I personally like to see in a bathroom fixture or piece of furniture.  Tempered, or toughened, glass is also very bathroom-safe as it’s stronger than standard glass and this is measured at 5mm thick.

Monaco Bathroom Etagere Even though this is a more expensive option, the look should not be underestimated.  This is a great etagere, especially at this price.


Storage on the Monaco Bathroom Etagere is straight forward.  It has 3 shelves which are almost 10 inches wide and almost 26 inches across so while there’s no “storage” per se, you get plenty of surface area to work with.  The Best Living Monaco etagere is definitely a looks-focused toilet etagere.


The Monaco Bathroom Etagere has a quality build to it.  It is very sturdy, likely due to the 1.5 inch legs which offer a very stable base for the shelves.  Its finish can stave off rust for a while and therefore won’t need any water damage protection.  You can also safely put it by the sink.

You don’t need any tools for building this etagere, the shelves slide onto the legs over top which also lends to a stable fit.  This of course lends itself to easy assembly and less swearing.  The shelves aren’t adjustable.

The toilet clearance is less than 34 inches so if your toilet is higher, you will need to prop this etagere up or get a different one.

Overall Thoughts


  • Beautiful design and finish
  • Sturdy build
  • Easy assembly


  • Coloration may not blend w/ all bathrooms
  • A bit more expensive
  • Non-adjustable shelves

Monaco Bathroom Etagere Consensus

For an attractive piece of bathroom furniture, you’ve found a great option. Glass and metal fit well in many modern or contemporary bathroom designs. You might hit a snag if your bathroom can’t accommodate the look of this toilet space saver but if you have the template, this is a color worth painting.  Click here to see more on Amazon!

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