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best toilet auger review 2435
Last updated: December 9, 2017 Well, it’s happened.  You’re out looking for the best toilet auger available because you either A) flushed your $10,000 bracelet down the toilet or B) just have a bit of a clog or chronic clogging that needs some heavy lifting.  Not sure how many of you qualify for ‘A’ but we certainly don’t, so ‘B’ is obviously the reason we’re going with here.  When those times arise, we decided that the best option when dealing with an extremely clogged toilet is the Ridgid K-1 Combination Auger.  From a price and capabilities standpoint, it has everything we want in a telescoping toilet auger.  It will work universally on anyone’s home toilet and even on urinals (for you commercial folks out there), and is a great addition to anyone’s home toilet repair kits.

(Any of the best toilet augers on our list are multi-purpose and not specifically for toilet use.  Whether your toilet, bathtub, and sink, all augers you see here will cover your job.  Obviously we’re looking out for your toilets but figured we’d get you a little insider tip.)

Here’s a quick snapshot of our list of the toilet auger models:
Models (Click For Details)WarrantyToiletops PickRating 
Ridgid K-1 AugerLifetimeTop Choice3.7best toilet auger 22243
General Pipe Cleaners Teletube Auger 1 YearK-1 Competitor4.6best toilet auger 24663
PlumbCraft Light Duty AugerLifetimeBudget3.6best toilet auger 2443
Cobra Plumbing Auger1 YearBudget3.8best toilet auger 2436

Toiletops’ Pick:

best toilet auger review 342

Ridgid K-1 Combination Auger

best toilet auger review 243

Quick-Spec List:

  • C-Style Cutter Head
  • Handles Multiple Job Types
  • 3-Foot Cable Length
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Drill Attachment Capabilities

Our pick for the best toilet auger is the Ridgid K-1 for 3 reasons; name recognition, function, and warranty.  Ridgid is a well-known name in tools so it’s natural they have products related to toilets.  With name recognition comes wide-consumer use and that’s something we trust.

With trust being mentioned, we can’t go without mentioning the warranty as a major buying point.  Any Ridgid tool comes with a lifetime warranty and so does the K-1 toilet auger.  So you can pick this up without worry of a self-imposed breakdown.  And for a product you’ll be able to use for year and years (possibly your lifetime?!) then it’s good to have the company backing.

The K-1 has a 3-foot cable and an excellent drilling head.  The head is what Ridgid calls a “C” cutter head, and can trash through blockages and clogs better than traditional corkscrew tip.  Speaking of drilling, you can use a drill to more effectively cut through the block in your toilet.  It works both directions and can help ease the level of elbow grease needed to unhinge your toilet’s clot.  All it takes is a simple twist where the handle connects, insert the auger into your drill’s chuck, and tighten.  From there, make sure your drill is on its lowest RPM setting and move back and forth to eventually dislodge the blockage.

The Ridgid takes the cake thanks to it’s ergonomical design with the allowance of drill use.  No clog will stay that way in your home with the K-1 and we think you’ll be satisfied as well.

See what others have said:
  • Alan:  “This was my last hope to unclog a slow bathroom drain before having to take the drain pipe apart. This finally unclogged the drain, had a big hair ball stuck on the cutting blade.”
  • R D M: “Have about five of this same brand but older model extendable closet auger with the hand crank only and they served me well for many many years!”
  • Iavita: “this tool was worth the while or monies spent”

Check down below for a video peak at the Ridgid K-1 and how it works!


The Competitor:

best toilet auger review 654

General Pipe Cleaners Teletube Auger

best toilet auger review 2344

The Teletube Auger is as close a competitor to the Ridgid K-1 as you can get.  In price, function, and look, it’s practically the same.  The curvature and action is the same, rotating the vinyl grip handle in a clockwise or counterclockwise action rotates the head of the auger.  The General Pipe Cleaners auger cannot be rotated via hand drill.

While having a slightly hiring price point, the Teletube Auger seems to perform well among the masses.  Strong reviews and commentary are telling signs of success, and we agree when we had our hands on the Teletube.  It’s sturdy and durable, made for the job it’s designed for.

Much like the Ridgid, the Teletube is made for toilets, drains, and the like.  If you’re looking for the best toilet auger, the General Pipe Cleaners Teletube is definitely worth considering.

See what others have said:
  • G. Stephen: “Works like it should. Since we’re talking about toilet augers, I’ll leave out the particulars. You know what it’s used for. In my opinion, the General model is far superior to the other brands.”
  • Anon: “I have no regrets buying this. It did its job well (the clog was cleared within a few seconds of getting this positioned in the toilet) and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than calling a plumber.”
  • kompewterz: “I am a commercial service plumber. I use these every week. I have owned one other General wire 6ft auger. It worked THOUSANDS of times for eight years, and then I wore out the hole where the extension button sits.”


The Budget Picks:

best toilet auger review 2435

PlumbCraft Light Duty Auger

best toilet auger review 234

For those who simply need to get the job done and by any means necessary, we have the budget-friendly picks in mind for you.  Not every job requires the best tools in your arsenal, although having the best bestows relief to the users.  So how about something that is inexpensive and will still take care of your problem?

Enter the PlumbCraft Light Duty Toilet Auger.  At under $20, the PlumbCraft toilet auger is certainly capable of getting the job done for you.  It offers the same length of cable (3 feet), vinyl grip, and coiled head that trudges through clogs with little worry.

Places where it differs from our previous models is in the materials used and a lack in a couple of features.  The materials are fine to get your job done but the PlumbCraft may not be ideal for long-term use.  It feels a little more flimsy in the hands in comparison the the Ridgid or General Pipe Cleaners models and may not have the standing power to hold up over 100s of uses.  The PlumbCraft also doesn’t have a vinyl bowl guard cover around the area that enters your toilet, so be sure not to scuff or scratch up your porcelain.

All in all, however, the PlumbCraft Toilet Auger is still an excellent choice if you’re a budget-conscious person.  It has a history of proven success and should have no problems getting your job done.

See what others have said:
  • fran: “I’m happy enough with the product. It worked. It wasn’t easy, but still better than the price of a plumber.”
  • Rands: “This was just what I needed, and at a great price!  I got the product early Tuesday and had my toilet working twenty minutes later.”
  • Kitty Kat 23: “The cost in comparison to a plumber is well its a big savings. I did struggle a little with pulling it back out but I don’t like to read directions so my daughter read the directions and with very little effort was able to remove the auger. I am very pleased with this purchase and will recommend it to others.”


best toilet auger review 34534

Cobra Plumbing Home Auger

best toilet auger review 73657

Our second budget-friendly pick is the Cobra Plumbing home toilet auger, from Cobra Products.  This is the bare-bones, basic option for those who need something stronger than a plunger.  Made in China and found for typically under $15 listed, the home toilet auger by Cobra Plumbing is truly a budget pick.

This auger actually gives us a lot of the same feel as the Plumb Craft when we get it into our hands.  It feels like a downgrade in materials in comparison to the K-1 or Teletube but shouldn’t have much concern clearing a nasty clog for you.  The staging handle is a non-slip material, looks like vinyl again, and has a rubber bowl guard for your toilet to prevent scratching.  The crank handle is plastic but has a nice non-slip feel to is.

If you need a job done and don’t have the means, or need to have a long term, to pick up our pick for the best toilet auger, then either the Cobra Plumbing or Plumb Craft augers should suffice.

See what others have said:
  • Anonymous: “This saved me an my roommates so much money. I definitely recommend having one for emergency toilet situations.”
  • jinjunda0244: “Seriously, this product is good at its cheap price. It’s a light duty auger – I think the length is good but it’s not a steady tube.”
  • Jesse: “Amazing tool for the price. I highly recommend it.”


Just two quick points as to why a toilet auger purchase makes sense:

A Money Saver

The job of the toilet auger goes well beyond what a plunger is capable of accomplishing.  When someone is in need of a toilet auger, often times they find themselves on the phone with Roto-Rooter gasping at what the cost will be for even a simple job.  How much does it cost to even have a plumber look at your situation?  $100-$200?  Total job being over $300?  However instead overpaying for a relatively simple job, you can get yourself a toilet auger for a fraction of the price and stress level.

Long-term Solution

Unlike something like, say, a toilet fill valve, a toilet auger can be a solid way to extend the use of your toilet without the need to purchase a new one.  A high-efficient or more powerful-flushing will easily exceed the cost of a toilet auger.  Add that to the fact that installing a new toilet is no cake-walk and the toilet auger makes for a good patch job when a major upgrade isn’t in the cards.

How-To-Use Instructional Video:

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