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Check out our latest bidet reviews and guides to help you make the best decision.  Purchasing any bidet, whether a hand held bidet, bidet attachment, or bidet toilet seat, can be a big task but the goal of is to ease that angst.  Not only are they more hygienic, they are simply a better way to use the loo.

Bidets may not be very common in Western culture but we’re going to change that one person at a time–which includes you.  Enjoy our bidet reviews and your brand new bidet!


Astor Bidet CB 1000 Review

The Astor Bidet CB 1000 is a highly-regarded bidet attachment on the market.  It’s currently one of the highest reviewed bidet attachments on Amazon, if not the most reviewed.  That means many, many CB 1000 users are very satisfied with their purchase. The beauty of the Astor Bidet CB …