Step and Go Toilet Stool Review

Today we’re going to take a look at the Step and Go Toilet Stool, another big-time player in the world of toilet stools.  Sure, you’re thinking, “just how many differences are there between all these toilet stools?!”  Well, we are going to go over that and how it stacks up to its competition.

Just remember we covered a wide range of toilet stool topics, including why you should use a toilet stool, in our toilet stool overview.

Let’s take a look at the Step and Go.


The Step and Go Toilet Stool likely has the most functional look over many of it’s competitors.  That being said, it is not the best looking toilet stool we’ve ever reviewed (unlike it’s more attractive cousin in Bamboo, this one is made with polypropylene plastic).

The look is also more functionally designed.  The entire purpose of the step and go is to sit on the toilet, step on the toilet stool, and go.  Following “go” you can simply slide the Step and Go Toilet Stool back under the toilet bowl.  This helps keep it out of the way when not in use.

Its curves and edges aren’t designed in an overly appealing manner and the clearance underneath isn’t all that high.  The clearance is not needed like with other toilet stools because of how close the Step and Go toilet stool can hug the base of your toilet.  As men, no need to stand around it awkwardly and ladies can either use it or keep it hidden for liquid waste.  Again, this is a toilet stool built around functionality, not visual gratification.  But where it lacks in overall appearance, it makes up for in its stability and functionality.


Stability, much like the Beyoung Toilet Stool, is a strong point for the Step and Go Toilet Stool.  It’s also where it differs from stools like the easyGopro which have a much smaller footrest area for their users, which you can see here.  What you see on the easyGopro is a smaller foot area that wraps around the front of the stool and that is it.  It never adjusts its size, thus leaving users with feet overhanging the side.

Step and Go Toilet Stool pic 2The Step and Go, however, provides a significant landing area for your feet.  Support is at a maximum with heel-to-toe coverage.  The footrests also have a non-slip surface which helps for those using the stool with wet feet.  The poolside bath house can now be equipped with a toilet stool that won’t let your feet slip.

When it comes to a proper squatting position, you’ll need stability.  If your fear is lack of stability, the Step and Go Toilet Stool is a great option because the Step and Go toilet stool provides is elevated heel over the front legs.  This further promotes proper pooping posture, much like other toilet stools we’ve look at before, and locks you into that position.

The build of the Step and Go, however, is not as stable.  While it provides stability for many users, the stability of the toilet stool itself is a little weak.  If you’re looking for something reinforced, you might want to look elsewhere.

Sizing It Up

The Step and Go’s low-cost plastic offering comes in 7 inches only.  That allows the stool to easily slide under all toilets and work for the majority of users.  This prevents a couple of caveats of course, one of those being larger toilets.  If your toilet is ~15 inches or higher, you may want to consider a 9 inch toilet stool if you are a shorter individual.

The Step and Go doesn’t have a 9 inch version of it’s commercial plastic model, that again is relegated to the Bamboo model which is available in both 7 and 9 inches.

The other caveat to the 7-inch-only offering is if you are a taller individual.  Taller folks might need to find a 9 inch tool regardless of their toilet’s height.  The proper pooping angle is 35 degrees and is achieved by raising your feet higher on the stool.  Too low and you may not be getting an adequate pooping posture.

Final Thoughts


The Step and Go Toilet Stool has a lot to offer that sets it a part from it’s competition.  The full footrest areas are fantastic for keeping the stool stable as well as keep yourself stable.  The non-slip surface is great for bare feet and the elevated heel helps lock your squat into place.  You can also easily hide away the Step and Go after use and it slides under all toilets in its 7 inch offering.

The health benefit of picking up the Step and Go toilet stool or any toilet stool is substantial as well.  With healthier pooping comes better colon health and a reduced risk of diverticulitis and hemorrhoids when using the toilet.  We’re not sure about you all but better colon health and less hemorrhoids is a lifestyle we try to emulate.  No one wishes to be that uncomfortable all the time.

Speaking of which, you’re more likely to have a regular bowel habit again if you use a toilet stool.  Fecal stagnation is a nightmare and anything to promote regular digestive elimination is a win in our book.

Its price point is also on the lower side of its competition, which also adds to the overall value of what you get in the Step and Go.


I’m never a fan of the one-size-fits-all approach but I wouldn’t say it’s a huge negative.  Height options are always better because while we’re all made the same way, we’re not all the same size.  The look is also pretty generic too.  I think that’s why they make it so easy to hide away under the toilet when it’s not being used.


Overall, the Step and Go won’t disappoint.  Its offering is on par with any of the major toilet stool makers and is a good toilet stool at a quality price.  It may only come in one size option but that won’t hold us back from a full recommendation.

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