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Last updated: December 9, 2017 After researching, reviewing, and sitting on over 30 different toilet seats, we believe the best slow close toilet seat for your dollar is the Bath Royale Premium Soft Close Toilet Seat and the Kohler Cachet Quiet-Close Toilet Seat.  Both have everything we look for in a new toilet seat and both have reputations that precedes them.  The sleek look of the each is just one part, too.  Both are durable and can be sat on without worry of breaking.  If you need a quick pick, this seat from Bath Royale is the best choice!

All of the toilet seats on our list were chosen with you, the consumer, in mind.  In deciding which model would make the list, we needed to know they were reliable, had a history of success, and most of all were comfortable.  All of these seats have comparable models for elongated or round seats as well.  We think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better list of toilet seats than this!

Here’s a quick glance at the soft close toilet seats we’ll be covering:
Models (Click For Details)MaterialRating 
Bath Royale Soft Close Toilet SeatPlastic4.8best slow close toilet seat 27689
Kohler Cachet Quiet-Close Toilet SeatPlastic4.1best slow close toilet seat 73563
Mayfair Slow-Close Toilet SeatWood4.3best slow close toilet seat 7356
American Standard Champion Plastic4.1best slow close toilet seat 7283
Toto SoftClose Toilet SeatPlastic4.0best slow close toilet seat 368
Delta Faucet Nightlight Toilet SeatPlastic4.1best slow close toilet seat 6474
Comfort Seats EZ Close Toilet SeatPlastic3.6best slow close toilet seat 6346
LDR Slow Closing Plastic Toilet SeatPlastic4.1best slow close toilet seat 345

 Our Picks:

best slow close toilet seat 11

Bath Royale Premium Soft Close Toilet Seat

best slow close toilet seat 13423

The Bath Royale Premium Soft Close Toilet Seat is just fantastic, overall.  Sure, some of our other choices might do some things a little better on their seats, but this seat from Bath Royale does everything well.  It’s incredibly comfortable, first and foremost.  If we’re going to sit on a seat and do the business, the seat better not add to any discomfort.  Next to that, it has some excellent functionality.  On our list of the best soft close toilet seats, this seat is the easiest seat to remove featuring a release button on the back (facing the tank of your toilet).  Simply depress and remove the seat for easy cleaning.  The seat and the lid both close slowly, in case you had any concerns for just a soft closing lid.  You can get the Bath Royale Premium Soft Close Toilet Seat in a couple of different colors, in both elongated and round shapes, and fits all toilet brands.

See what others have said:
  • northstar: “This is a very high quality product. We have had several toilet seat replacements in the last number of years, so I consider myself quite informed about features that one wants and needs.”
  • N. Malczewky: “These seats are definitely the best available. The mounting hardware is top-quality. The installation instructions are simple and clear.”
  • Timothy K: “This is a fabulous toilet seat!!! There weren’t many reviews at the time that I was searching for a round toilet seat and so I was really skeptical. But, a careful review of its features led me to take a chance on it and boy am I ever so glad that I did.”


best slow close toilet seat 123

Kohler Cachet Quiet-Close Toilet Seat

best slow close toilet seat 13673

The Kohler Cachet Quiet-Close Toilet Seat is a staple among toilet seats.  It’s easily one of the better-selling toilet seats out there and has the history to prove it.  Next to that, the Kohler Cachet is available in almost 10 different colors!  So if decor or feng shui is your aim, you should have no problems finding the best color for your toilet seat.  Now, while the quiet-close feature is the reason the Cachet is on our list, it also has a couple other features–Quick-Release(TM) hinges and Quick-Attach(R) hardware.  Both of these features play into the Cachet’s ability to be easily removed for deep cleaning and then reattached.  Rather than unscrewing toilet seats to clean, you can snap the Cachet on and off as needed.  Between the Cachet and the Bath Royale Toilet Seat, you have two winners worthy of your tush!

See what others have said:
  • Ralph F: “Would highly recommend this if you are looking for a great seat that is comfortable, easy to install, quiet, and a good value!!!”
  • Daniel R: “I’ve been using my Kohler toilet seat now for about five months. I love it (never thought I would say that about a toilet seat). It works just as expected and installed in just a few minutes.”
  • josch: “50 years with a wife who refuses to let me leave the seat up. Well trained. These easily installed seats solve that loud make me cringe crash when I let go too quickly.”

The Best Of The Rest:

best slow close toilet seat 423

Mayfair Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat

best slow close toilet seat 432432

As the only wooden soft close toilet seat, the Mayfair Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat is excellent and on par with the plastic models featured on our list.  Our personal reservation on wooden toilet seats is that in the long-run, they just don’t hold up as well.  That said, Mayfair puts out excellent products and this toilet seat is no different.  It’s pretty comfortable for a wooden toilet seat, which is rare from our experience, but more importantly this seat is going to hold the most weight of any seat on our list (you know, wood).  Plastic is usually easier to contour while holding up it’s strength.  If you contour wood too much, you risk cracks or breaks in the seat while sitting on the crapper!  That would be a messy situation.

The features are plentiful in this toilet seat too; the STA-TITE Seat Fastening System gets it on par with any of the best slow close toilet seats you’ll see here and the seats has a few color options as well!  If wooden toilet seats are more your preference, whether for looks or feel, the Mayfair Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat is for you!

See what others have said:
  • oldpink: “I like this seat so much that I intend to recommend it to all of my extended family members, or I just might give each of them one of their own.”
  • J. T. Turner: “I wish I had ordered this years ago- I could have avoided some fights with the wife over leaving the toilet seat up at night! This product is so great.”
  • JOSEPH: “An EXCELLENT replacement seat! I will be buying more as it works so well. I love the no slam feature, the seat is also strong enough that you can, I do anyway, close the lid and sit on the toilet as I’m getting dressed, socks and shoes, because the bathroom is warmer!”


best slow close toilet seat 2342

American Standard Champion Slow Close Toilet Seat

best slow close toilet seat 1323

American Standard is a name many of us know and their Champion Slow Close Toilet Seat is just that, a champion.  Now, it might not be our top choice but is is most certainly worthy of mention on our list of the best soft closing toilet seats.  It’s available in 3 different colors and both the elongated and round versions should fit any standard toilet.  The edges of the lid are designed for a pleasant look that is sleek as well.  Once again, this toilet seat comes with easy-detach hinges for deep cleaning.  Feel free to give this seat a go, it’s incredibly comfortable!

See what others have said:
  • Mornster: “I’m going to buy this one again to replace the other. This one closes more smoothly and the seat is more comfy. As for size, yes – we’re a family of 8 and are of various sizes. This seat accommodates every “body” just fine – from very big to very little.”
  • Max Power: “Superior to all other seats. This is so great because you don’t have to bend over to set the lid down. It sounds trivial, but it speeds up going to the bathroom, because you can just flick the top and walk away.”
  • Maria J: “It’s so nice to have a soft-close finally! I mean, if you really wanted to slam it you still could but for the regular use it’s great. Both the seat and the lid are soft-close. It’s easy to clean, seat is comfortable.”


best slow close toilet seat 23422

Toto SS114 SoftClose Toilet Seat

best slow close toilet seat 1342

Next is another familiar name in the world of toilets and toilet accessories.  The Toto SS114 SoftClose Toilet Seat is an excellent option for those seeking a quality, name-brand slow close toilet seat.  Available in 5 different colors, the SoftClose also comes with molded bumpers which give it some added stability when you site on it.  Of the best slow close toilet seat models on our list, we think the Toto SS114 is the strongest and sturdiest.  You’ll get a one-year warranty on the SS114, along with any of Toto’s fine toilet seats.  We think you’d be silly to pass up on the Toto SS114, if it’s a seat you desire in your household.

See what others have said:
  • William K: “As for the fit and comfort, let’s just say it feels as if God himself is cupping my posterior during my morning constitutionals.”
  • Lynne: “I don’t typically get excited about toilet seats but this one is great!”
  • Chris: “This seat is awesome. It is very comfortable since it is contoured a little bit. Also, the slow close function is convenient for noise reduction and to not have to lean over and gently set the set down each time. I want to convert the rest of them in our house now.”


best slow close toilet seat 2377

Delta Faucet Sanborne Nightlight Slow Close Seat

bbest slow close toilet seat 13463

By far the fanciest and feature-rich toilet seat, the Delta Faucet Sanborne Nightlight Slow Close Seat is awesome!  As you see, it has a built in nightlight that is powered by 4 AA batteries for up to 6 months.  The seat stays on for 9 hours at a time and spends 15 hours off.  The Sanborne comes with quick releasing hinges for easy deep cleans and to top it off, it’s smooth on the behind–making it no gimmicky toilet seat.  It was secure when we sat on it and seemed overall to have some great durability.  No creaks or noises.  All in all, it’s a premium seat but has extraordinary value if you enjoy having a nightlight in your bathroom.

See what others have said:
  • JJ Brockey: “Nice look. Easy to install. I like the easy access to change out the batteries when required. Seems very high quality.”
  • Ducati: “Great toilet seat and the light just makes it over the top. I have installed many a toilet seat and will say this is by far the easiest one to install. You do it all from the top of bowl. Has adjustments to make sure it aligns perfectly. Best part is seat pulls off and on fro cleaning with zero effort.”
  • S Brett: “I did a lot of searching to find a small trash bin with a lid for the small space next to my toilet. This was exactly what I needed and it looks great.”


best slow close toilet seat 727

Comfort Seats EZ Close Toilet Seat

best slow close toilet seat 5423

The Comfort Seats EZ Close line of toilet seats is fantastic to choose from.  ANY single EZ Close toilet seat should be highly considered if you need or want a soft closing toilet seat.  All of them have excellent durability and are made of injection-molded plastic.  The hinges are corrosion proof and is self-aligning, making installs a breeze.  The lid might not be as suitable a chair if that’s more your style.  I know some of us use the toilets for a chair every now and again so having it stable is always a nice plus.  Regardless, check out any of the Comfort Seats EZ Close toilet seats if you’re looking for the best slow close toilet seat.

See what others have said:
  • Potion09: “For durability, the seat material is a plastic instead of composite in which I think composite are prone to crack much easier. After installation has been completed, the seat is completely secure, flush and does what it suppose to do. I’m completely satisfied.”
  • Michael D: “I rarely give 5 stars for anything, but there is nothing like an EZ closing toilet seat. Our child was taught to put the toilet seat down, but all too often, she slams it down when in a rush to do something. Over time, the seat gets beat up. Enter this EZ seat.”
  • Jane A: “This type of seat is very nice. No slamming shut just a gentle lowering with a touch.”


Budget Pick:

best slow close toilet seat 73547

LDR Slow Closing Plastic Toilet Seat

best slow close toilet seat 13673

If you need something fast and want the cheapest but still the best slow close toilet seat you can get, look no further than the LDR Slow Closing Plastic Toilet Seat.  It has the slow close feature you’re looking for, yet is still pretty comfortable.  It doesn’t come with any quick release hinges, so you save a little money on the back-end and still get a quality soft close toilet seat.  What you see above is the round model, however, you can find the elongated model here.  We thought it was a little difficult to find so we thought we’d share, especially because both are the only seats under $30 on our list.

See what others have said:
  • Niilo T: “For the price, this is one of the best toilet seats I’ve ever had. The slow-closing lid is amazing, and so useful as I now don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping the lid in the night and disturbing anyone.”
  • Rafael Murillo: “This is a great slow closing toilet seat. We purchased two since the price was so low compared to other brands. Install was a breeze. Quality is just as good if not better than our name brand seats we replaced and at a fraction of what we paid for them.”
  • Tod: “These seats are awesome. They work perfectly. Very well made.”

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