The Best Toilet Accessories For Elderly Individuals

Last updated: Saturday, December 9, 2017 We spent the day digging through toilet accessories in order to craft a list of the top 5 toilet accessories for elderly individuals that are worth considering if you’re looking to increase your toilet accessibility and comfort.

Whether you need these for comfort, ease-of-use, or health reasons these are all made to make your life easier!  Using the bathroom is a hassle for everyone.  With the world around us being made easier all the time, why neglect the toilet space?

Fear not, that’s what this list is for!  We’ll go through these ideas with  some examples and reasons why they’re considered a top choice for our list of toilet accessories for the elderly.

#1. Toilet Seat with Arms

First on our list is one that often stands out as the number one option for toilet accessories for elderly individuals.  With its sturdy and durable build, these handles help you get on and off the toilet without worry.

There are a few different styles to choose from.  Many have seat risers built into them but you can get handles separate of the risers as well.

While you think this might only be worth it to a small handful of people, a toilet seat with handles is an excellent accessory for all!

toilet accessories for elderly toilet riser handles

Excellent Choice – Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser w/ Handles

toilet accessories for elderly amazon buy

This premium seat from Drive Medical is an excellent option for first timers or replacement seekers.  It has great feedback in the marketplace and has the testimonials to back it up.

At its price point, it’s the go-to option for

#2. Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidets take a lot of hassle out of defecation and increase the hygienic nature of it too.  With hands-free wiping, a bidet makes bathroom trips something to look forward to!

Many of the bidet toilet seats on the market have heating features for their seats and warm air dryers.  This means no more cold, winter seats.  And no more wiping and wiping.

The increased hygiene is wonderful too.  It more effectively removes all fecal matter which helps prevent any build up or discomfort.

With the hands-free aspect of a bidet, it was a no-brainer to include on our list of toilet accessories for the elderly.

toilet accessories for elderly swash 900

Excellent Choice – Brondell Swash 900 Toilet Seat Bidet

toilet accessories for elderly swash 900 buy

We’ve taken time to do a thorough review of the Brondell Swash 900, but we’re happy to share again!  With a 4/5 star rating, we feel it is an excellent option as a toilet seat bidet.

From the features you get to the price it costs, the Swash 900 is quit the bidet toilet seat.  It will also make an excellent gift!

#3. Toilet Squat Stool

Toilet squat stools are another great option for elderly toilet accessories!  As we highlighted in our toilet stool overview, there are a couple of great reasons to pick up a toilet stool today.

The immediate effect helps keep you regular.  Yes, a toilet squat stool helps greatly with constipation by making defecation a less strenuous experience.

By angling your legs higher, you remove your puborectalis muscle’s grip on your colon.  Thus, you get an easier poo that requires less pushing from you.

An added side effect to this is less time spent on the toilet, which means less hemorrhoids and legs falling asleep.

The second effect helps prevent any type of diverticulitis, which again we highlight in our overview.  This is a painful problem that occurs from continued straining of the lower intestines.  However, you can avoid this simply by relieving yourself with a toilet squat stool!

The short and long term benefits don’t lie, a toilet squat stool is a great option!

Excellent Choice – Squatty Potty Toilet Squat Stool

toilet accessories for elderly squatty potty buy link

We feature the Squatty Potty toilet stool as the Excellent Choice.  It’s accolades and history make it hard to knock as the leader in toilet stools.

That said, there are a number of options including wooden toilet stools that sometimes make a little more sense.  They can be a little more costly but often look better and hold more weight than the plastic versions.

All in all, any toilet stool should do for you!

#4. Extra Large Toilet Seat

If something like a toilet seat with handles isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, an extra large toilet seat might be a great option instead.

As highlighted in our extra large toilet seat overview, there are just a couple of major players in the space.  However, the options you have are great for toilet accessories for elderly individuals.

Most of them are around 18 inches wide, some wider.  Most also hold a significant amount of weight and secure tightly to your toilet.  If you’re sliding on and off a toilet seat, it is much easier on an oversized one.

toilet accessories for elderly big john

Excellent Choice – Big John 6-W Extra Large Toilet Seat

toilet accessories for elderly buy big john

The Big John series of toilet seats are the leader in extra large toilet seats.  However, there are a few competitors for it to look out for so they better keep up!

The choice here is the 6-W model.  This one is built with less quality material to be more cost-effective to the consumer.

The Big John 1-W, the comparable seat, is about double the price.  However, it holds more weight and has strong hinges than the 6-W.  You take your preference here but either one should be a great choice for you!

#5. Toilet Seat Cushion

The final item on our list of toilet accessories for elderly individuals is a toilet seat cushion!  While a simple upgrade, a toilet seat cushion can immediately make your toilet a more inviting toilet space.

Even the most expensive toilet seats don’t have the comfort of a cushion padded addition.  They may be contoured, but they’re no pillow for your behind.

toilet accessories for elderly cushion

Excellent Choice – Duro-Med Toilet Seat Cushion

toilet accessories for elderly cushion buy

You may never have a more comfortable toilet seat after picking up our excellent choice pick for a cushion toilet seat pad.  But we do know the Duro-Med is a solid option at a price point that is hard to argue against.

What Toilet Accessories For Elderly Individuals Is Best?

Whichever you feel benefits you most.  We like any accessory type on this list to benefit anyone!

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